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**HPL/SQL is included to Apache Hive since version 2.0** * [[home|Home]]\\ * [[why|Why HPL/SQL]]\\ * [[features|Key Features]]\\ * [[start|Get Started]]\\ * [[doc|HPL/SQL Reference]]\\ * [[download|Download]]\\ * [[new|What's New]]\\ * [[about|About]]


====== VALUES INTO Statement - PL/HQL Reference ====== You can use the VALUES INTO statement to assign values to variables in PL/HQL. If the variable was not explicitly declared before the assignment, a new variable is created and its data type is derived from the assignment expression. **Syntax:** <code language=sql> VALUES expression INTO var; | VALUES (expression [, expression2, ...]) INTO (var [, var2, ...]); </code> Example: <code> VALUES 'A' INTO code; VALUES (0, 100) INTO (count, limit); </code> **Compatibility:** IBM DB2 **Version**: PL/HQL 0.03 See also: * [[assign|SET Statement]]