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**HPL/SQL is included to Apache Hive since version 2.0** * [[home|Home]]\\ * [[why|Why HPL/SQL]]\\ * [[features|Key Features]]\\ * [[start|Get Started]]\\ * [[doc|HPL/SQL Reference]]\\ * [[download|Download]]\\ * [[new|What's New]]\\ * [[about|About]]


====== %TYPE Attribute ====== %TYPE attribute lets you declare a variable that has the same data type as the specified referenced column. **Syntax**: <code language=sql> var_name [schema.]table.column_name%TYPE </code> * If //table.column_name// cannot be found, the data type is derived from the first assignment expression. **Example:** <code language=sql> DECLARE i orders.item%TYPE; BEGIN SELECT item INTO i FROM orders LIMIT 1; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Item: ' || i); END; </code> **Compatibility:** Oracle **Version:** HPL/SQL 0.3.13