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====== TIMESTAMP Literal - PL/HQL Reference ====== TIMESTAMP literal allows you to specify a timestamp constant using a string in 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.FFF' or 'YYYY-MM-DD-HH.MI.SS.FFF' format. You can use this timestamp value in any expression that expects a TIMESTAMP data type. **Examples**: <code language=sql> TIMESTAMP '2015-03-03 11:39:31.123' TIMESTAMP '2015-03-03-' -- DB2 syntax </code> **Notes:** * Fractional part is optional **Compatibility:** Oracle, IBM DB2. **Version**: PL/HQL 0.03 See also: * [[date-literal|DATE Literal]] * [[interval|INTERVAL Expressions]] * [[timestamp-iso|TIMESTAMP_ISO Function]] * [[to-timestamp|TO_TIMESTAMP Function]]