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====== EXIT WHEN Statement - PL/HQL Reference ====== EXIT WHEN statement exits the loop or block marked by the given label. If the label is not specified, EXIT leaves the innermost loop. If a boolean expression is specified, and it evaluates to //true// then EXIT statement is executed, otherwise it is ignored and the execution continues from the statement following EXIT. **Syntax:** <code language=sql> EXIT [label] [WHEN boolean_expression]; </code> **Example:** <code language=sql> WHILE count > 0 LOOP count := count - 1; EXIT WHEN count = 0; END LOOP; </code> <code language=sql> <<lbl>> WHILE 1=1 LOOP <<lbl1>> WHILE 1=1 LOOP EXIT lbl; END LOOP; END LOOP; </code> **Compatibility:** Oracle, PostgreSQL and Netezza.